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Gas Safety Gauge is the All-In-One gas safety device from Black and Stone. Designed to be used with any LP/Propane gas system or gas appliance, Gas Safety Gauge is simple to install and once fitted is a reliable means of ensuring safe practices with gas appliances and cylinders.

The key features of Gas Safety Gauge are:


Leak Detection

GSG can be used to detect small leaks through a simple checking procedure. Gas leaks cost money and waste gas as well as negatively impact on the environment.

Gas Level Gauge

Each year, thousands of gas cylinders are needlessly refilled, simply because owners do not know how much gas is left in the cylinder. GSG has a built in level gauge offering a reliable means of checking gas level at a glance. You’ll never run out of gas again at an inappropriate time as the GSG always lets you know how much gas is in the cylinder.

Child Safety

– When fitted to a spare cylinder, Gas Safety Gauge can prevent the accidental release of gas by immediately shutting off the gas should the valve be accidentally turned on – a great child safety feature. 

Automatic, 100% shut off in the event of a major emergency. 

Armed with a highly sensitive pressure sensing mechanism, Gas Safety Gauge will immediately shut off the gas in the event of a major emergency – for example, if the gas hose is burnt through or cut while the appliance is operating. 

Night Glow Dial Face (POL models only).

The primary gauge markings are coated in a luminescent - night glow paint that aids viewing in low light levels.


Gas Safety Gauge is the affordable gas safety device. For less than the cost of a kilo of prawns, you can have year round protection.

Easy To Install

Installs in under 60 seconds without the use of special tools



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