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3/8 LH fitting Gas Safety Gauge
Product code: GSG38LH



3/8 LH Fitting Gas Safety Gauge


Following on from the release of the Gas Safety Gauge series in 2008, Black and Stone has now released the GSG38LH. This is a Gas Safety Gauge designed for use with the popular 3/8 LH fitting gas cylinders which are commonly found in camping and outdoor gas equipment. The GSG38LH offers many of key features as the POL series (but not the night glow dial face).

Campers, travellers, truck drivers, emergency service workers and caravaners will love this product as it is a handy gas level gauge, leak detector and safety shut off device designed specifically for use with 3/8 LH camping cylinders. The GSG38LH connects to your cylinder in under 30 seconds (must be spanner tightened as with all 3/8LH products).


  • The All-In-One Gas Safety Device from Black and Stone
  • Gas Leak Test
  • Gas Level Gauge
  • Automatic 100% percent shut off in the event of a major emergency
  • Child Safety
  • Luminescent night glow dial-face
  • 3/8LH fitting, fits all 3/8LH gas cylinders
  • Solid build, made from Brass and Cast Alloy
  • Tested to Australian Standards and AGA and Certified

Why you'll love this product

  • Easy to fit in under 60 seconds, no special tools required other than a spanner
  • Great for child safety
  • Great for spare gas cylinders, prevents accidental release of gas
  • Never 'run out' of gas again
  • Saves money, lets you know when you're REALLY low on gas so you don't end up paying for wasted gas



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